Wednesday Mourning: A Theology of Grief

Wednesday Mourning: A Theology of Grief

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Wednesday Mourning: A Theology of Grief Book

For one year after the birth of her stillborn son, Norma Bennett journaled the raw and labyrinth-like journey of grief. She had a choice to make. Was she going to cling to the hand of a sovereign God, or despise it and consequently drown in the bitter, dark, fathomless waters into which grief had plummeted her. Sorrow became her companion and through embracing it, she discovered not “why?” but “Who?” and “how?” Through stillbirth, she learned silence. And in silence she heard the Words of Life—a theology of grief. If you don’t want to waste your sorrow, then this journal is for you. You will not find a 12-step program or easy answers…you will find a voice for the hidden bowels of your soul.


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Old Schoolhouse Review of Wednesday Mourning




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