Martin & Katie Luther

Martin & Katie Luther

     (Founder of the Protestant Reformation)

Martin and Katie Luther lived during a time of 14th century upheaval. Considered to be the Father of the Protestant Reformation, Luther rejected the teachings of the Pope and produced 95 thesis on the subject: The Just Shall Live by Faith. Together, Martin and Katie brought light to the laity and truth to the masses

Sample of Luther

  • Reader’s Theatre and/or Dinner Theatre
  • Length: about 45 minutes and/or 2 hours
  • Cast: 2 (1W/1M) plus a Chorus of any size
  • Setting: The Wittenburg University


Martin & Katie Luther Script

Scripts purchased from Bennett Projects includes: PDF with permission to photocopy; permission for multiple use by purchaser only; permission to record but sales prohibited; permission for social media postings using #bennettprojects. Contact Bennett Projects at with proof of purchase to receive PDF.


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