John Knox

John Knox

     (Scottish Reformer, 16th century)

A story of martyrdom, intrigue, captivity, and tumult Scottish theologian John Knox brought revolution and reformation to Scotland. A contemporary of John Calvin, Knox stood before Mary Tudor, defending his faith, fighting for church reform and freedom of worship. He is credited with founding the Presbyterian Church.

Sample of Knox

  • Reader’s Theatre and/or Dinner Theatre
  • Length: about 45 minutes and/or 2 hours
  • Cast: 7 with 4 extras (WorM)
  • Setting: a history class
  • Features: special eye glasses allow the class to view history from a different perspective

John Knox Script

Scripts purchased from Bennett Projects includes: PDF with permission to photocopy; permission for multiple use by purchaser only; permission to record but sales prohibited; permission for social media postings using #bennettprojects. Contact Bennett Projects at with proof of purchase to receive PDF.


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