Gregory the Great

Gregory the Great

    (Became Pope in 590AD; responsible for first missionaries to England.)

Gregory the Great, born around 440 AD, is one of the foremost Fathers of the Christian church. A Roman, and a Benedictine monk, he was missional at heart, and is responsible for gospel evangelism to Britain. He become the 64th Pope of the Catholic Church and was called “Servant of the Servants.” His antiphonal arrangements have been aptly named, Gregorian Chants.

Sample of Gregory

  • Reader’s Theatre and/or Dinner Theatre
  • Length: about 45 minutes and/or 2 hours
  • Cast:  11 (may be adapted to suit)
  • Setting: a TV game show “This Is Your Life!” starring Gregory the Great
  • Features: a time-line, rap—the “Monk”arana



Gregory the Great Script

Scripts purchased from Bennett Projects includes: PDF with permission to photocopy; permission for multiple use by purchaser only; permission to record but sales prohibited; permission for social media postings using #bennettprojects. Contact Bennett Projects at with proof of purchase to receive PDF.


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