Gladys Alyward

Gladys Alyward

(Missionary to China during WWII; founder of “The Inn of Eight Happinesses”)

Small and tenacious, English woman, Gladys Alyward believed that God had a place for her in the country of China. Her story includes the opening of the Inn of Eight Happinesses, helping to end the practice of foot-binding, and leading 100 orphans across the mountains during the Japanese invasion. Determined and devoted to God, this dynamic woman changed history.

Sample of Alyward

  • Reader’s Theatre and/or Dinner Theatre
  • Length: about 45 minutes and/or 2 hours
  • Cast: 16 (actors may play more than one role)
  • Setting: a storyteller comes to a Chinese village square
  • Features: raps, chants with interesting blocking possibilities

Gladys Alyward Script

Scripts purchased from Bennett Projects includes: PDF with permission to photocopy; permission for multiple use by purchaser only; permission to record but sales prohibited; permission for social media postings using #bennettprojects. Contact Bennett Projects at with proof of purchase to receive PDF.


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