Norma Jean Bennett
Norma Bennett is a seasoned writer, performing artist, and founding director of Bennett Projects. Ms. Bennett has a keenness for teaching history through interactive reader’s theatre and the dramatic arts. Bennett Projects is devoted to imaginative learning and provides a variety of educational tools for both amateur and professional, through both the written and the spoken word. Ms. Bennett has 35 years experience in assorted dramatic art mediums. She has taught performing arts to young and old in schools and churches, and has written, directed, and/or performed over 50 plays. Included in her body of work is the Norma Jean Mystery series – a Canadian historical fiction for middle grade readers with a companion self-guided Storyboarding workbook, and a biographical series on significant leaders in church history. Ms. Bennett holds a BA in Christian Education. She currently lives in Ojai, California.

Email: bennettprojects57@gmail.com